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Agricola Baraldo, leader in the Mass Market Retailers Trade

The company is now in its third generation: before our current owners, the company was run by our father and before that, his father. Up until thirty-five years ago, the company’s production was made up of only fruit: apples and peaches. The orchard was on a 5-hectare surface; now the family runs production on 100 hectares, both owned and leased.

After several poor harvests from of the fruit orchard, the company decided to bring an asparagus cultivation into production. Asparagus was a niche, yet traditional, product well-loved in the town of Pernumia. As a result, for some years, the company specialized itself exclusively in the asparagus production, in order to obtain a market leading product with continuous development in quality, uniquely sold in the fruit and vegetable markets.

Today the company has developed its technical expertise in the production of the asparagus, as well as the ability to serve the mass market retailers; these skills allow the company to be highly competitive on the market and to be one of the best Global G.A.P. certificated companies.

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