Our production of Zucchini

Since 2010, Agricola Baraldo has also specialised in the cultivation of long Zucchini in the summer, and today dedicates around 30 hectares to this crop.

Growing customer demand for this product has prompted the company to invest in ensuring continuous production throughout the summer and high quality.

Harvesting and Production Method

After harvesting, which is done manually so as not to spoil the product, the zucchini are brought to the farm and refrigerated to improve their shelf life.

After a few hours they are washed in special tubs and showers and calibrated.

Classification is based on length and appearance:

By length, zucchini are divided into

  • 14-16: 14 cm to 16 cm
  • 16-18: 16 cm to 18 cm
  • 18-21: 18 cm to 21 cm
  • >21: with a length of more than 21 cm

They are then divided into two main categories:

  • category I^ including zucchini with a length of 14 cm to 21 cm with a smooth and regular surface;
  • category II^ which includes zucchini longer than 21 cm and zucchini with an irregular surface.

Packing Zucchini

Agricola Baraldo provides packaging according to customer requirements. Customers can request disposable or reusable crates from the various circuits (cpr, ifco, polymer) or alternatively fixed weight trays.

Zucchini producer Agricola Baraldo is a Global GAP certified company.

Our zucchini is Global G.A.P. certified. As consumers are more and more focused on food quality and safety, as well as on the environmental and social impact of the production processes.

Sustainability is today the watchword for the development of farming; for this reason we wish to provide our consumers with a “Good Agricultural Practice”.

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