Asparagus production (Pernumia - Padua)

Our asparagus production

Asparagus from the Baraldo farm businessProduzione asparagi Padova is produced following the HACCP approach, which regulates the anti-parasitic treatments and the healthiness of the production areas so that the products are totally safe and absolutely chemical free. As soon as it is harvested, asparagus is immediately refrigerated and, once at the company base, it is washed with 0°C temperature water, so that its qualitative characteristics are kept unchanged and it can be more easily preserved. Once the shoots are washed, they are processed mechanically to allow a perfect cleanliness and precise cutting to prevent oxidation.

Calibers for all tastes

Asparagus is calibrated electronically so that any production waste or products unfit for consumption can be promptly eliminated. The products are selected taking into account three different parameters: length, diameter, and type of extremity.
Calibri asparagi Calibers for asparagus - As for length, asparagus is divided into:
long: from 17 cm to 22 cm
tips: less than 17 cm
As for diameter, asparagus is divided into:
< 12: with diameter inferior to 12 mm
12-16: with diameter between 12 mm and 16 mm
16-22: with diameter between 16 mm and 22 mm
> 22: with diameter superior to 22 mm
As for the type of extremity, asparagus is divided into:
white or green: with tightly closed tips
red and faded: with red tip or with open bracts.

After that, asparagus is divided into two great categories:
First Category including all straight and well-shaped asparagus, with closed extremities and diameter superior to 12 mm;
Second Category including the shoots with diameter inferior to 12 mm, shoots with red and faded tips.

Thanks to this multi classification the packages and bundles are homogenous, making it possible to choose the dimensions that fit better all kind of recipes. For example: 22+ and 16-22 long asparagus is fit to prepare side dishes, 12-16 and 16-22 short asparagus is better to prepare starters, while inferior calibers are good for cooking within dishes.


Our products are packaged in a new material with various sizes:
- 30x40 box, unpackaged asparagus having the shoots placed with tips facing the same direction
- 30x40 box, in about 750g bundles
- 400 and 500 flow pack trays, with heath-shrink or heat-welded film allowing the shoots to be aired, protected and preserved for long.