Our interview for Italiafruit News on March 3rd!

Below is our interview for Italiafruit News!

Pernumia asparagus, the harvest starts late

After the birth of the consortium that brings together the producing companies, the shoots of Pernumia asparagus began to peep out of the ground and on February 25 the harvest began in the 52 hectares of the Baraldo farm, both for the white variety than the green one. “The harvesting campaign began at the same time for both types of asparagus, but delayed by about ten days – Michele Baraldo, owner partner tells IFN – because December was particularly rainy and affected the delay in production”.

Trade is faced with several unknowns due to the period we are facing: “Inflation is increasing, life is more expensive – he explains – and consequently it is necessary to see if consumers want to spend more to eat asparagus or if they will rather choose potatoes. Last year, however, we were favored because people were limited in travel due to the pandemic and with the restaurants closed they did nothing but cook “. On the front of the delay in harvesting, this should not be a problem according to Baraldo “because asparagus is consumed mainly during Easter and this year being ‘high’ Easter, the product will not be missing in April”.

“For now – continues Michele Baraldo – the demand is flat. The markets at the beginning of the season are euphoric, but we note that there is not much consumption in the week, it is more of a weekend reference “. This year Baraldo left polystyrene behind to focus on more sustainable packaging by adopting 100% recyclable paper cassettes for one kilogram tips. “The most requested weight – he points out – is in any case 500 grams in bunches or trays”.

The price at the beginning of the campaign is high: “It is around 10/11 euros per kg because there are still few goods available but in the coming weeks it will drop and we hope that consumption will increase as the product increases”.

the article can also be viewed at the following link –> https://www.italiafruit.net/DettaglioNews.aspx?idNews=67665&Titolo=asparago-di-pernumia-la-raccolta-inizia-in-ritardo

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